Welcome to the website of  landscape painter Frank Gordon in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Open Studio 2021

Many thanks to all of you who travelled from far and wide and helped to make our 20th Open Studio such a resounding success. 

We had more than sixty visitors over the nine day period which far exceeded our expectations. I think people really appreciated the opportunity to get out and do something relatively normal after all the restrictions we've endured over the last year and a half. And it seems that visiting in pairs and small groups was also very appealing as it meant you could take your time and have a really good look at the work on offer - something that often isn't so easy when there's a house full!

Whatever the reason, sales were by far the highest we've ever had. Selling is of course always very welcome - and not just because of the money. There's no greater compliment that an artist can receive than for someone to part with their hard-earned cash in order to own and live with one of my paintings. It's highly encouraging and a great incentive to keep on keeping on - and we all need incentives.


The feedback was really great too. I think people felt more able to have a proper chat in the perhaps more relaxed situation this time so that was a great bonus.

Anyway it's given us a great deal to think about in terms of what we do for our 21st! Thanks again.

The photographs  are just a taster of how things looked - plus some watercolour  studies from recent visits to Mull, Iona and Northumberland  . . . you can see more in the Works on Paper section of the Paintings page.

I will leave the video (below) from North Yorkshire Open Studios  of June 2020 here on the Homepage as before.

November 2021 (3).JPG
November 2021 (2).JPG
November 2021 (4).JPG
Mountain, mist, water (Mull).JPG
Rock formation (Iona).JPG
Northumberland coast.JPG