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 This is normally the time of year when I would be planning my Annual Open Studio Weekend in November. But 2020 is different. The usual arrangements are just not possible for obvious reasons.


So I need to think of a way of  welcoming visitors while staying safe at the same time.

I have accordingly devised a cunning plan which is

to have an



Visitors  would book a one hour slot (by email through the Contact Page)  on a day of their choosing in November. No more than two people (or one household) at any time.

Usual precautions would be in place according to regulations then in operation:  hand sanitisers,  masks and social spacing for example.

In that way those who are keen to come can do so and we can maintain a tradition that now stretches back nineteen years. Invitations  with full details would be sent in the normal way.

Of course, all this is subject to the various govrnmental changes of policy and direction to which we have now become accustomed. (Haven't we?) 

So it's  a case of 'watch this space' for any further developments. If, as has been suggested, visits to othr households are outlawed then that would be the end of it for this year  - but we haven't reached that point yet.

In the meantime I will leave this video (below) from North Yorkshire Open Studios 2020 on the Homepage as before.

My video from NYOS20

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